Welcome to ENCOINS


ENCOINS is a privacy protocol on Cardano. Users can create NFTs (a.k.a. encoins) with secret redeeming values. These NFTs store their redemption values in an encrypted format, thus enhancing user privacy.
ENCOINS conceals the amount of ADA in your wallet when you transact with other users and dapps. The users you interact with also enjoy a boost to their privacy, too.
Example: Alice deposits 1000 ADA into the protocol. In the same transaction, she receives three encoins that can be redeemed for 1, 237, and 762 ADA, respectively. Only Alice knows these redemption values. When she transfers the 237 ADA coin to Bob, they both gain some privacy as it is no longer possible to tell how much Alice and Bob have exactly: it could be anything between 0 and 1000 ADA.
Ledger Mode enables sending and receiving payments in encoins using the ENCOINS Ledger script. It gives the recipient privacy provided they do not withdraw it (i.e. if they also make Ledger Mode payments with these coins).
Last modified 3mo ago