✉️Import and Export

Known Coins

ENCOINS dApp keeps track of all encoins with minting keys known to the user. The keys are stored only on the user's device.

Clearing application data in your browser's settings will erase those minting keys.

You can copy the minting keys and store them on a secure storage device for added security. More safety options will be available in the future.

Remember that if you open ENCOINS dApp in a different browser or another device, your known coins are not automatically imported when using the same wallet.


The coins on the left are the known coins inside your current wallet (in the Wallet mode) or at the ENCOINS Ledger script address (in the Ledger mode). To import a new coin, press "Import" and enter the minting key in the popup window:


Click on the key icon to copy the minting key.

Alternatively, you can export coins as a file by pressing the "Export" or "Export All" buttons. The former only exports the selected coins. These coins can be imported using "Import All" button.

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